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Project globalization of post-secular social reality

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Project globalization of post-secular social reality

The purpose of the project

Thematize the state of modern social reality in the context of globalization processes.

Project tasks

- Analyze the main theories of globalization; - Explicate the nature of globalization; - Substantiate the existence of several strategies/centers of global development at the present stage of development of the world-system.

Annotation to the project

Post-secular social reality is characterized not only by the revision of the sacred/secular regime inherited from the age of Enlightenment: the line between them is becoming less and less visible. Significant transformations are also taking place in the structure and principles of functioning of the global reality. The universal modernization project, which was fueling the liberal/neoliberal type of globalization, has been essentially delegitimized and is not capable of being the “guiding star” of civilization today. As a result, the world-system is fragmented into cultural subecumènes: the universal project of Modernity is being replaced by its particular projections, which are formed as alternative projects of global development. As of today, we can talk about several explicit projects: American, Chinese, Russian, Islamic, Indian. Within the framework of this research initiative, an analysis of each project is carried out separately, as well as the analysis of the entire global system as a whole, which at the present stage represents a competitive struggle of global development projects.