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Mission and objectives


The Institute’s mission – is to offer society and international community the new format of open discussion of the principles of overcoming the crisis and ways of further development of Ukraine.

To this end, and based on the scientific rationality, in December 2014 the Institute started work on formation of an objective picture of Ukrainian conflict, its causes and possible solutions to the consequences of this phenomenon.

Our research is aimed at stabilizing the situation in Ukraine, Europe and the world, prevention of emergence of new points of tension.

The main principles of the Ukrainian institute of strategies of global development and adaptation are objectivity and reasonableness. The Institute, as a non-profit public organization, is free from any external influence, and all kinds of bias.

In its activity the staff of the Institute is guided by values of the European mind, and the need for their adoption in Ukraine.


By means of research and publication of their results, Institute offers society a comprehensive vision of the whole spectrum of Ukrainian problems and the most effective ways of solving them, which includes such areas as politics, economics, culture, religion.

The main objectives of the Institute are:

  • studying the history of Ukrainian conflict, identification of factors that influenced its origin and development;
  • study of internal and external influences and contexts of Ukrainian conflict;
  • search for possible solutions to the conflict, ways out of the crisis and recipes of reconciliation of society after the military conflict;
  • definition of the role and place of Ukraine in today’s globalized world;
  • monitoring and prognostics of social transformations trends;
  • creation and support of open public discussions around the Institute’s research results.

Activities of the Institute are aimed at both obtaining the theoretical product, and creating conditions for practical implementation of developed recommendations.