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The city of the global age

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The city of the global age

The purpose of the project

identify, analyze and predict growth points of new values in the urban environment

Project tasks

identification and research of constituent semantic elements that fund and cement the social space of the city; forming an understanding of the city as a self-developing system; finding new values that make it possible to create grounds for dialogue in the urban environment.

Annotation to the project

Our world is the world of cities. These cities have their own characteristics, histories and opportunities, but the challenges they face are increasingly similar: they are all experiencing the transformative impact of rapid urbanization; are becoming a field for decisions of managers and international organizations; are forming alliances and networks. Each city is developed by citizens, taking into account the specifics of the place.

The city appears as a field of everyday activity, in which life practices are implemented and ideas about social reality are embodied. Any attempts to violate which mean a challenge to the axiological foundations of culture, which determine the usual world order. Transformations of the cultural idea of the city are sensitive to the value orientations of society. And turning to the practical aspects of the relationship between city and culture will help to articulate the idea of the social system about itself. In overcoming such global problems as the ecological and migration crisis, the clash of different cultures and worldviews, the search for the foundations for sustainable development - the main direction in the modern era is the transformation of the idea of the city.

Thanks to global challenges, modern cities are becoming platforms for the growth of new values.