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Today marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky


Perhaps, all global events today take place in the context of a dispute about religious "values". The word “values” is enclosed in quotation marks primarily because regardless of whether we are dealing with “prosecutors” of a religion or its “advocates,” the concept of value translates religious meanings into a secular dimension. The modern Western European civilizational space (the modern space), secularized in its main dimensions, explodes from the inside and is torn apart from the outside by impulses emanating from closed religious universes. Actually, the "clash of civilizations" through the eyes of a Western scholar is precisely the clash of the post-religious (Modern) and religious (cultural universes "competing" with the Modern) worlds. Therefore, defenders of the importance of religious confrontations only insist on the seriousness of the problem and point out the danger of underestimating the religious factor. However, even they are often far from realizing the true nature of civilizational clashes, religious on both sides. In addition, when it comes to the philosophical discourse of the post-Soviet space, one cannot help but recall the phenomenon of philosophical atheism, which gave rise to a unique symbiosis of a sincere denial of the rational significance of any confessional forms with an internal recognition of the presence of super-existent forces - a specific rational mysticism, which to this day is guessed in the works of many of our religious scholars. ... It is interesting that scientific atheism, even after being reborn into modern post-Soviet religious studies, is a veiled form of realizing religiosity, and a purely rational form, which to one degree or another is characteristic of many, even good philosophers.


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