Ukraine and world news 2021

30.12. About 3,400 Ukrainian servicemen are currently in captivity, another 15,000 people went missing during the war. This was reported by Alyona Verbytska, the authorized officer of the President of Ukraine for ensuring the rights of defenders.
30.12. US President Joe Biden signed into law a $1.7 trillion government spending bill that provides for massive military support for Ukraine.
30.12. The Brazilian government has declared three days of national mourning in connection with the death of the legendary football player Pelé.
30.12. In the "Diia" application, a survey was completed in which Ukrainians answered which date they prefer to celebrate Christmas - December 25 or January 7. The date of celebrating Christmas on December 25 received almost 60% of votes (903,265), January 7 was chosen by 25% of users (390,125).
29.12. Japan intends to allocate another 500 million dollars in aid to Ukraine, in addition to the already provided 1.1 billion dollars in financial, humanitarian and military support.
29.12. President of Kyrgyzstan Sadyr Japarov said that in recent years, the delimitation and demarcation of state borders has become a top priority on the country's agenda.
29.12. Calls for a de-escalation in tensions between Kosovo and Serbia intensified, with the EU, US, and NATO’s mission in Kosovo, KFOR, all urging dialogue between the two Balkan neighbours.
29.12. UN Secretary-General António Guterres has appointed Ret. Abdullah al-Dashti, Kuwaiti Vice Admiral, as UN Coordinator for the Black Sea Grains Initiative Joint Coordinating Center.
28.12. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy addressed the Verkhovna Rada with an annual message on the internal and external situation.
28.12. In 2022, the German federal government approved arms exports worth 8.35 billion euros. This is the second largest indicator in the history of the country.
28.12. Kosovo closed its biggest border crossing point with Serbia after protestors blocked it on the Serbian side, adding more tensions to the difficult situation between the two Balkan neighbours, which observers have called the most dramatic in years.
27.12. The Serbian army has declared its "highest level of combat readiness" after weeks of escalating tensions between Serbia and Kosovo.
27.12. The United Nations has reservedly commented on Kyiv's initiative regarding the Ukrainian peace formula. A summit on a peace formula for Ukraine is possible only with the consent of all parties, the UN says. Kyiv does not want to see Russia at such an event.
27.12. Lithuania awarded this year's Freedom Prize to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. The Seimas of Lithuania passed the decision unanimously.
27.12. Since February, the European Union has transferred 77,000 tons of various material aid to Ukraine.
26.12. Over the past 24 hours, 71 aircraft and seven warships of the PRC have been transferred to the Taiwan Strait in order to demonstrate force. Taiwan's Defense Ministry made the announcement on Monday after China expressed dissatisfaction with Taiwan-related provisions contained in a defense spending bill recently passed by Congress.
26.12. The National Bank of Ukraine announced the creation of a new Power banking network, which will unite all system financial institutions of the country and will be able to work in blackout conditions. Branches of the network are equipped with alternative energy sources and backup communication channels, have enhanced cash collection and additional staff.
26.12. The Turkish Foreign Ministry has summoned France's ambassador to the country over "black propaganda" against Türkiye amid violent protests in Paris, according to diplomatic sources.
25.12. The Democratic-controlled US House of Representatives passed a $1.66 trillion government funding bill that provides record military funding and sends emergency aid to Ukraine, hours before a midnight deadline.
25.12. In their Christmas speeches, German priests called for continued assistance to refugees and expressed their support for Ukraine, including in the form of weapons.
25.12. China said it had conducted "strike exercises" in the maritime and airspace around Taiwan in response to an unspecified "provocation" from the democratically ruled island and the United States.