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Putin and Xi as a united front amid growing tensions with the United States


During a video conference between Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin, the parties demonstrated in every possible way the unprecedentedness of relations between the countries, as well as the trust of personal relations. Xi called Putin "his dear friend," and Putin defined relations between countries as "a true example of interstate cooperation in the 21st century." The parties stressed the importance of the factors on which these relations are built, in particular, "non-interference in internal affairs and respect for each other's interests", "eternal peace and good neighborliness." In these words, one cannot help but notice a reproach to the West, in whose actions neither Beijing nor Moscow find anything like it.
Moreover, the efforts of Washington and Brussels have led to the fact that Russia and China, through the efforts of Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin, have formed a strong economic, military and geopolitical partnership.
This partnership, against the backdrop of the growing confrontation between Moscow and Beijing and Washington, "increasingly resembles a bloc against American influence." In the United States, voices are more and more insistently sounding about the inadmissibility of open confrontation, even if it is the most powerful economy in the world today, along with China and Russia.


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