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Victor Levytskyy

Victor Levytskyy

Philosopher, religious studies scholar, PhD. Honored economist of Ukraine.

American support of Ukrainian politicians is now double-edged

“Ukrainian question” became very important in a strategy, that the United States are implementing after Donald Trump came to power
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Phenomenology of self-disclosure

mechanisms design of social reality in action
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Understanding history determines the future

Not denying the tragedy, but looking at the details
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Three scenarios that will lead to the same one ending

Today, even the sincere feelings of the best citizens of the country are burned to the ground without the hope of improving the situation
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What is Europe?

The West is Reason. The dimension that characterizes the West and which we lack most today
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Today, on the eve of Easter and May Day I want to summarize the big Roman conference organized by our Institute and suggest splitting the summary into two parts: formal and substantive
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Stolen future of Ukraine?

Cuple of years ago, the country finally got rid of the hated corrupt officials. Hence, as the revolutionary tradition establishes, it began to live in a new way. We carried out successful lustration, started uncompromising de-communization
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Remember about Ukraine

Russia insists on the historical dependence of Ukraine, which is considered as a part of Russia
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