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Top 5 global trends that will affect the life of Ukrainians in 2021


The passing year, admittedly, was a difficult year. This is partly why many expect a certain relaxation from the new year, a turn for the better. Let's hope that these expectations will come true. There are grounds for this - the main problem of 2020, the coronavirus, may, if not be resolved, then weakened by universal vaccination. As a global problem, as in Ukraine, mass vaccination is still in question. What will define life at 21? Let's try to figure out the main trends.
1. The coronavirus will continue to march across the planet, despite the growth of population immunity. Moreover, its influence on the fate of people will be associated not only with the direct effect of the disease, but also with increasingly noticeable economic consequences. Chief among them are political tensions in developed countries and famine in some third world countries.
2. The change of power in the United States will primarily affect the warming of relations with the European allies, which, nevertheless, will take into account the transformations that took place under Trump. The European Union will have to make concessions, including building its relations with China and Russia, which will remain competitors for the Americans.
3. The world will be more and more distinctly divided into zones of influence - American and Chinese. At the same time, Russia, India and Turkey will also claim a certain autonomy within the framework of their own political projects. Most other countries will have to maneuver between global and regional leaders.
4. Despite the expected calm in the overdue Cold War between the United States and China, the rivals have revealed their cards and realized their capabilities: Washington can resist Beijing only by mobilizing its allies and building an international anti-Chinese coalition. China (and many others) understood both the possible scale of external threats and their “non-criticality” for the Chinese economy. This knowledge will determine the political realities of the global world for the coming years.
5. The virtualization of all social processes will continue, transforming the world known to mankind and forming a new cultural reality.

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