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COVID-19 could be 4 times more dangerous than previously thought


According E.K. Lieser

Study author Kamlesh Khunti, professor in the Department of Diabetes and Vascular Medicine at the University of Leicester, told the Telegraph that the study was "the largest study of people discharged from hospital after being hospitalized with COVID." According to a new study from the United Kingdom, about 30 percent of those who recovered from coronavirus infection return to the hospital within five months, and one in eight die from complications of the disease. The study, published on a preprint server but not yet peer-reviewed, found that of the 47,780 people discharged from the hospital, 29.4 percent were re-admitted within 140 days. Of the total, 12.3 percent of patients eventually died. In addition, 14,140 of them reported respiratory illness after they were discharged from the hospital. Of this number, 6085 patients had no history of respiratory disease. The average age of the study participants was sixty-five years. “We want to say that we really need to prepare for a long-term COVID. It is the most important task - to monitor such patients, and the National Health Service now really understands this, but it is necessary to organize more systematic monitoring. In addition, Khunti and colleagues noted that they were surprised that many patients were readmitted with a new diagnosis, adding that it is very important to make sure they are prescribed protective therapy, including statins and aspirin. Researchers speculate that the COVID virus destroyed the beta cells that produce insulin, causing either type 1 diabetes or insulin resistance and the development of type 2 diabetes. This, in turn, affects the functioning of the liver and heart, even in young people.


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