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Wang Yi: Conflict in Ukraine must end


China will soon release a concept paper on its Global Security Initiative, Wang Yi, member of the CPC Central Committee Politburo and head of the office of the Foreign Affairs Commission of the CPC Central Committee, said on Saturday during the 59th Munich Security Conference.

The Ukrainian crisis is not something China would like to see. Everything China is doing is facilitating peace talks. He noted that, like other parties, China is also concerned that the Russian-Ukrainian conflict could escalate and drag on.

China is not directly involved, but also does not want to be an outsider or add fuel to the fire, much less take advantage of the crisis, Wang Yi said.

China will continue to stand firmly on the side of dialogue and peace, the Chinese diplomat stressed.

According to Wang Yi, Chinese President Xi Jinping has been proposing to seek a political settlement of disputes through dialogue since the second day of the start of the military conflict.

Despite numerous rounds of negotiations between Russia and Ukraine, no result has been achieved.

"We don't know the reasons behind this," Wang Yi said, adding that some forces probably don't want the conflict to end.

These forces "do not care about the lives of the Ukrainian people, nor about the damage inflicted on Europe," the Chinese diplomat stressed. Instead, they are pursuing a larger strategic goal, he says.

The conflict must end, Wang Yi urged.

He called on the European participants in the Munich Security Conference to think about what efforts are needed to end the conflict, what framework should be created to ensure long-term peace and stability in Europe, and what role Europe should play to achieve strategic autonomy.

According to him, China will publish a document with its position on finding a political solution to the Ukrainian crisis, which will confirm the important proposals of Xi Jinping.

The more difficult the situation, the greater the need to remain calm and pragmatic, Wang Yi said, stressing that China is ready to join forces with all parties to continue efforts to achieve peace in Ukraine as soon as possible.

Making the world a safer place is China's unwavering commitment, Wang Yi said, adding that the CCP held its 20th National Congress late last year. At the congress, General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee Xi Jinping pointed out that China's central task in the new era and new march is to comprehensively promote the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation through Chinese-style modernization.

When asked how to carry out the largest modernization in human history, China has already given a clear and firm answer: unswervingly pursue the path of peaceful development, Wang Yi said.


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