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Asian Games 2023 Opens in China


The Asian Games XIX will be held from September 23 to October 8 in Hangzhou and five other cities in China. They were supposed to take place in 2022, but were postponed due to the Covid pandemic.

The Asian Games, are complex sports competitions among athletes of the Asian continent, held every 4 years under the management of the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA). Officially recognized by the International Olympic Committee as continental games, along with the African, Pan American, European and Pacific Games.

The competition begins with a parade of National Olympic Committees representing their countries. The national flag and anthem accompany the award ceremony. Tables are used showing the number of medals won by each country.

According to OCA membership, all generally recognized countries located in Asia participate in the Asian Games, except for Russia, Turkey, which is located in Asia almost entirely, Georgia, Armenia, which is located entirely in Asia, Cyprus, Israel, and Egypt, which has a smaller Asian part. Partially recognized Taiwan, Palestine and the Chinese territories with special status of Hong Kong and Macau are also members of the OCA. Taiwan participates as "Chinese Taipei".

About 12,500 athletes from 45 countries are taking part in the Games, which is more than at the upcoming Summer Olympics in Paris. In China, athletes will compete in 40 sports - both traditional Olympic sports and very exotic ones, such as dragon boat racing.


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