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Ukraine's with "Bayraktars", but without coal: Top-5 events of the week


1. In the capital of Italy on Saturday, October 30, the summit of the countries of the Big Twenty (G20) opened - the last such meeting with the participation of Angela Merkel. The main topics of the two-day meeting are the coronavirus pandemic and the situation in the global economy. The G20 countries want to achieve 70% vaccination of the population worldwide by September 2022.

2. As a result of the aggravating situation in Donbass, the Ukrainian military for the first time used a Turkish-made strike drone "Bayraktar". ORDLO accused the Ukrainian army of trying to advance beyond the front line.

3. According to press reports, from November 1, Russia stops supplying thermal coal to Ukraine. This is due to the growing domestic demand for anthracite and T-grade coal, which operate many Ukrainian power plants.

4. The court in Amsterdam decided to return the "Scythian gold" to Ukraine, refusing to return the exhibits to the museums of Crimea. Crimean museums lawyer Rob Meier told the press that Crimean museums could appeal to the Dutch Supreme Court.

5. Facebook is rebranding and changing its name to Meta, said co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg the day before, according to whose plan Facebook should turn into an online universe.


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