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USA: Israel Retaliates Against Iran


Officials in Washington said Israel carried out retaliatory strikes on targets in Iran, but neither Iran nor Israel were in a hurry to confirm this. Both sides of the conflict appear to be trying to avoid further escalation.

Iranian authorities said they had shot down several drones, rejected reports of an Israeli missile attack on the country and said they had no immediate plans to respond to the incident. “Several drones were successfully shot down by the country’s air defense, but there is no information about a missile attack yet,” Iranian Space Agency spokesman Hossein Dalirian wrote on social media X.

A source from the Iranian Press TV channel also stated that there was no outside attack on Iran at all.

Earlier, CBS News and ABC News reported, citing American officials, that Israel launched missiles towards Iran. An Israeli missile landed in Iran last night, six days after Tehran's unprecedented attack on Israeli territory, US officials said. Iranian media reported explosions near the city of Isfahan in central Iran and air defense operations in different regions. FARS news agency reported that three explosions occurred in the Shekari army air base near Isfahan International Airport.

The White House and the Pentagon did not comment on the incident. "We have no comment at this time," an Israeli army spokesman told AFP.

Foreign ministers of the G7 countries, meeting in Capri, intend to discuss the current situation on Friday.


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