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Complex Problems Do Not Have Simple Solutions


On the eve of the official visit of the head of China to Russia, Xi published an “opinion for the Russian media”, in which the following verbatim is said about Ukraine:

“Since the beginning of last year, there has been a total aggravation of the Ukrainian crisis. On the basis of the essence of what is happening, China has always taken an objective and impartial position, and has made active efforts to promote reconciliation and peace negotiations. The set of visions I have voiced serve as a fundamental principle of China in the Ukrainian settlement. In particular, we are talking about the need to comply with the purposes and principles of the UN Charter, respect the reasonable concerns of all states in the field of security, support all efforts aimed at a peaceful settlement of the Ukrainian crisis and ensure the stability of global production and supply chains. The recently published China's Position on the Political Settlement of the Ukrainian Crisis, taking into account the rational concerns of all parties, reflects to the maximum the unity of the world community's views on overcoming the Ukrainian crisis. The document serves as a constructive factor in neutralizing the consequences of the crisis and promoting a political settlement. Complex problems do not have simple solutions. We are convinced that a rational way out of the Ukrainian crisis and a path to lasting peace and universal security in the world will be found if everyone is guided by the concept of common, comprehensive, joint and sustainable security, and continue dialogue and consultations in an equitable, prudent and pragmatic manner.”


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