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The Italian Government Plans to Punish Schools That Ignore Christian Holidays


The Italian Prime Minister said that abandoning Christian tradition for reasons of multiculturalism is an attack on national values. The bill, introduced by senators from her Brothers of Italy party, would impose fines on school leaders and teachers who, despite requests from parents or students, ban, among other things, nativity scenes - toy models depicting the birth of the baby Jesus - a ubiquitous Nativity installation. in Italy and throughout Catholic Europe.

The government's bill aims to protect the country's "cultural roots" by promoting "traditional celebrations" of Christmas and Easter. According to this bill, directors who decide to refuse to hold Christmas holidays may be subject to fines.

“For several years now we have seen the unacceptable and shameful decisions of some schools that ban nativity scenes or change the deep essence of Christmas, turning it into an implausible “winter holiday” so as not to offend the feelings of believers of other religions,” said Lavinia Mennuni, a senator from the ruling party. "Brothers of Italy", which presented the bill.

According to the bill, schools will not be able to interfere with “initiatives of parents, students or authorized school authorities aimed at events associated with traditional holidays such as Christmas and Easter, such as the installation of nativity scenes, plays and other events related to them.” “Allowing the transformation of sacred Christian holidays into another impersonal form of celebration would constitute discrimination against students and their families professing a majority religion, as well as an attack on the values and deepest traditions of our people,” the draft law states.

The move was heavily criticized by left-wing parties and school unions.

Meloni herself has repeatedly emphasized that Catholicism lies at the core of her Italian identity. In 2019, she said: “I am a woman, I am a mother, I am Italian, I am a Christian. Nobody can take that away from me."


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