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Pope Francis: "Our age is terribly hungry for peace"


In a sermon at the Christmas mass, the pontiff specifically mentioned the conflict-torn countries of Africa, Syria, Myanmar, Haiti, and Iran. He mourned the Palestinian-Israeli conflict in the Holy Land, and said about Ukraine:

"Our Ukrainian brothers and sisters are celebrating this Christmas in darkness and cold, away from home because of the devastation resulting from 10 months of war."

"Inspire us, Lord, to concrete acts of help to all who are suffering these sufferings and enlighten the minds of those in whose power it is to silence the roar of guns and immediately put an end to this senseless war," the pope addressed the city and the world from the balcony of St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican.

At the previous mass, on the night before Christmas, the pontiff also spoke about the war. He condemned those who were greedy for money and fame, and bemoaned a world in which human dignity and freedom were trampled underfoot by war and injustice.

"Like animals in stalls, men and women of this world, greedy for wealth and power, devour even their own neighbors, their brothers and sisters," said the Pope.

The Pontiff constantly calls on world leaders to put an end to the bloodshed and asks the flock to pray for peace in Ukraine. However, he is criticized by some for never directly condemning Russia for the invasion.

“It is known that every war leads to famine, and every time food is turned into a weapon,” said dad. “Food can only be an instrument of peace, and everyone, starting with those who bear political responsibility, should strive for this.”

But more than food shortages, the world's population is threatened by a shortage of another kind, lamented the pontiff.

"Our age is terribly hungry for peace," said the Pope.


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