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Groznyi Igor

Groznyi Igor
Head of global adaptations strategies of the Kiev branch of the Ukrainian institute of strategies of global development and adaptation

Groznyi Igor S. – economist, expert on economic development administration. Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor.

Defended his thesis on a scientific specialty 08.02.02 – economics and management of scientific and technical progress on the topic “Organizational-economic mechanism of venture capital use in innovation activities of enterprises”.

In 2015 he defended his doctoral thesis on the topic “Management of quality of development of industrial enterprises” in the specialty 08.00.04 – economics and management of enterprises (by economic activity).

Worked in the structure of NAS of Ukraine as Director of Research Center of Information Technologies of the Institute of Industrial Economics of NAS of Ukraine.

At present, he heads the department of Management and Marketing of the European University (Kyiv).

Author of more than 120 scientific publications.

Area of expertise: management of quality of development, management enterprises’ development.

Where do Ukrainian Arms Shoot?

A year ago, the President Petro Poroshenko stated that Ukraine should enter the top five largest arms exporters in the world in the nearest future. However, according to the results of 2015 Ukraine reduced arms exports twice. At the same time - despite the events in the Donbas - Russia remains a major importer of Ukrainian products for military purposes
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