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Europe is becoming a leader in regulating artificial intelligence (AI)


According to K.Chan

European Union negotiators have agreed on the world's first comprehensive rules for the use of AI, paving the way for legal oversight of the technology, which promises to transform everyday human life and has prompted warnings of an existential danger to humanity.

The EU became a leader in the global race to create barriers to the misuse of AI when it presented the first draft of its rulebook in 2021. But the recent boom in generative artificial intelligence has prompted European officials to urgently update the proposal, which is intended to serve as a model for the world.

Negotiators from the European Parliament and the bloc's 27 member states overcame wide differences on contentious issues including the use of generative AI and police use of facial recognition technology. The debate lasted two days, with the first session with breaks of 22 hours. The law will not come into force until 2025 and threatens stiff financial penalties for violations of up to 35 million euros or 7% of a company's annual turnover.

Now the US, UK, China and global coalitions like the G7 have come up with their own proposals to regulate AI.

The EU's strict and comprehensive rules "could set a clear example for many governments considering regulation," said Anu Bradford, a professor at Columbia Law School and an expert on EU law and digital regulation. Other countries "may not copy every provision, but will likely imitate many aspects of it."


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