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On February 16, Russia's invasion of Ukraine did not start


In recent days, tension on the Russian-Ukrainian border has been growing. A number of sources, including high-ranking ones, made statements about this or visited Russia and Ukraine.
Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking after talks with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, said Russia was ready for dialogue and stressed the need for the West to heed its basic demands. Later, however, President Joe Biden gave a televised address to the United States in which he said that a February 16 invasion was very, very likely and stressed that the US would defend all NATO territory.
U.S. intelligence sources reportedly believed the invasion could begin at 3 a.m. local time - 1 a.m. in the UK - on Wednesday, but that didn't happen.
In the UK, Secretary of State for the Armed Forces James Hippie said he was cautiously optimistic about the news of some troops being withdrawn from the border with Ukraine, but added that he would "continue to follow very closely" Russia's actions.


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