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Opportunities 2021 from the Atlantic Council


1. The World Trade Organization will experience a rebirth
2. A revitalized US presence that mobilizes Europe and other supporters of multilateralism can renew the United Nations and other international organizations.
3. The US and Russia are renewing their relationship based on mutual interests
Restoring this relationship could include building an architecture of mutual restraint - starting with the renewal of the new START treaty on nuclear arms reductions, including an agreement on missiles and a nuclear stability framework involving China. This could also include some progress in the peace agreement in Ukraine.
4. The new Sunni Arab-Israeli alliance is expanding and deepening
5. The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), which includes China, was concluded in November. Re-joining the Trans-Pacific Partnership would be an important way for the United States to regain its regional position.
6. New international structures for digital governance will be created
The Internet began to break up into three digital modes - led by the European Union, the United States and China. Avoiding the balkanization of the Internet will be a key challenge for 21 years.
7. Artificial intelligence will create new forms of cooperation, not just competition.
8. Conditions will be created for a breakthrough in the field of new types of storage batteries.
9. A universal vaccine against coronavirus will be developed
10. The restoration of Euro-Atlantic relations will take place, taking into account the desire of Brussels to maintain interaction with Beijing and Moscow.

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