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Conspirators Who Planned to Overthrow the German Government Are Trialed in Frankfurt



In particular, we are talking about the German aristocrat Heinrich XIII Reuss, a representative of the von Reuss family who ruled the lands in present-day Thuringia and Saxony. In the case materials he is referred to as Prince Reuss. He has already been taken to the courthouse. Judging by the statement of his lawyer, Reuss does not consider himself guilty.

The underground movement "Citizens of the Reich" does not recognize the current democratic German state and advocates, in particular, for the restoration of Germany to its pre-1939 borders. According to German intelligence estimates, about 23 thousand people participate in the movement, demonstrating anti-Semitic views and a penchant for using weapons. “Reichsburgers” also do not shy away from conspiracy theories, believing that the country is controlled by a “deep state.”

The prosecutor's office claims that the conspirators intended to storm the Bundestag, overthrow the democratic government, install their leader at the head of state and restore the state structure of the German Empire that existed in 1871. To do this, they have held regular meetings since November 2021, and have also been recruiting current and former military personnel, purchasing weapons and organizing training.

They have already planned the creation of new ministries of foreign affairs, justice and health and have mapped out who will head those departments, prosecutors say. According to prosecutors, the defendants were well aware that they could not achieve their goals without violence against state representatives, including murder, and were prepared for this.

Much attention in this process will be focused on 72-year-old Heinrich XIII Prince Reuss, a former real estate developer from Frankfurt. Prosecutors say he held meetings of the group's "central council" at his home in eastern Germany and would become head of the new state if the coup was successful.

The trials - divided into three parts due to the scale of the case - will take place in Stuttgart, Frankfurt and Munich. The trial in Stuttgart began on April 29, and the cases of the remaining conspirators will be heard in Munich from June 18.


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