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The last work of Ihor Paskо was published

Ruslan Khalikov's publishing house with the support of UISGDA publishes the last work of Ihor Trokhimovych Paskо "Gemeinschaft vs Gesellschaft (До питання про суб'єкт історичного процесу). The reader is offered one of the best philosophical explorations of recent decades, dedicated to Ukrainian existence. The main theme of the book is the formation and movement of the real Subject of history, depicted by means of transcendentalist methodology, which unexpectedly appears in a neo-Marxist arrangement. However, only in order to get to something that is not subject to rationalization, and at the same time constitutes at each stage the very heart of the historical process - the archetypes of the collective unconscious, which are transformed into the imperatives of ethnic and national identity, the path from the myth to the shop, the city, the market . The reader will find in the book convincing answers to those questions that have become a stumbling block for Ukrainian and, more broadly, post-Soviet philosophy: about the national idea, identity, intelligentsia, etc. However, the main theme of the work remains the question of the essence of the historical process in general, the question of being and being - that is, a metaphysical question

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