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The scientists of three countries teamed around the "Ukrainian consensus"


Scientists from Ukraine, EU and Russia have united around the initiative "Ukrainian Consensus", aimed at finding peaceful solutions to the conflict in Donbas.

Ukrainian Institute of strategies of global development and adaptation has acted as founder of the initiative; it invites all interested experts and intellectuals to join the initiative.

A large-scale international teleconference "Context and prospects for resolving the conflict in the east of Ukraine", which took place on June 11 and brought together more than 25 authoritative scientists and experts located in Kiev, Brussels and Moscow has become the first event in the framework of the initiative.

In particular, it was attended by academician, Director of the Institute of Philosophy of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Myroslav Popovych (Kiev), chairholder of the Higher School of Economics Maksim Bratersky (Moscow), former Israeli Foreign Minister, politician and social activist Yossi Beilin (Brussels).

«Our initiative – is, essentially, a communication platform for a dialogue between experts and society of the European Union, Ukraine and Russia. It is an open memorandum that captures results of expert discussions regarding finding a way out of Ukrainian crisis. Through this mechanism with the help of the expert community it is quite possible to create a foretype of a road map of conflict resolution and stabilization of situation in Ukraine. It is necessary to find basic things that unite us rather than divide", - told Director of the Institute, Mr. Victor Levitskii.

According to him, discussion of problematics of the conflict in Donbas within the expert environment is a necessary condition for development of consensus regarding key issues, on which controversies appear between parties at conflict, and, what is especially important, for removal of emotional tension in public consciousness.

Participants of the teleconference stressed that already now, in the course of finding solution to the conflict, it is necessary to take into account the fact of further coexistence of Donbas, Ukraine and Russia.

This thesis was developed by a representative of the Higher School of Economics (Moscow), Doctor of Political Sciences Maksim Bratersky, who emphasized: "We do not know how the events will unfold, but it is obvious that all of us will have to live together for dozens and hundreds years".

In his turn, representative of the Brussels studio, former Israel Minister of Justice, politician and social activist Yosi Beilin, having drawn parallels between Israeli and Ukrainian conflicts, said that it is possible to find a solution to the conflict only at the negotiating table.

"Israel and Palestine have a clear understanding that these are two different states. This is affirmed by arrangements. Ukraine has an understanding that this is a united country. It is necessary to create conditions, allowing to formalize it by means of arrangements", - said politician.
Results of the work of scientists participating in the initiative "Ukrainian consensus" will be presented to the leadership of international institutions and countries that are involved in the process of conflict resolution, as well as to the general public.




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