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Phenomenology of self-disclosure or mechanisms design of social reality in action


Regardless of what is being talked about in the modern globalized world, the states’ interest is actually what is being discussed. Also, regardless of what is being talked about in contemporary America, mortal battle between two political elite is actually the focus of what is being discussed.

On October 5, 2017, thanks to TheNewYorkTimes, the world was horrified by the news of Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein’s sexual harassment. The accusation and self-disclosure process, which reached the White House December 11 began with the article «Harvey Weinstein Paid Off Sexual Harassment Accusers for Decades» written by Jodi Kantor (who became famous for a book “The Obamas”, which narrates the transformation of the Chicagoan couple into the President and the first lady of the USA, and Michelle Obama’s special role in this metamorphosis) and Megan Twohey (a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize, who became known for uncovering Donald Trump’s sexual harassment, his ties to Russia and paying no federal income taxes).

After the publication, dozens of famous and not so famous people were simultaneously accused of sexual harassment. The self-disclosuresessionsnarratingsocial deviationsweren’tlongin coming. Although Harvey Weinsteincontinued to deny the relevancy of the accusations, it wasn’t of any importance at that time. The most powerful tools of a part of the USA political elite fighting for power have been already used. Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences gave a devastating critique towards the guilty producer, who was expelled from their guild thereafter. CNN reported new cases of harassment every day, The Time completed this strategy by nominating #Metoo – those who dared to tell about sexual harassment, for an award of a Person of the Year in The Time issue December 2017.

Thus and so, in collective consciousness, a clear trend was formed according to which it is absolutely clear what to do with those who were accused of sexual harassment (see examples of H. Weinstein, K. Spacey), as well as obvious behavior that is expected from the public. Since then, involvement in sexual harassment accusations or self-disclosure has become rewarding, desirable and even morally necessary. This ethos has rapidly become a fashion, drawing an increasing number of participants, including members of the European Royal families. It should be mentioned that not all the adepts of this social action are considered to be conscious participants of building this strategy (a fashion), which always has a clear political purpose. Thevastmajorityofthemarejustfollowingthefashiontrend. If someone buys a bestseller today it doesn’t mean that they consciously take part in the promotion of the author or of the book, it means that they have become a part of a deliberate marketing strategy.

Since this social habit has hardened and all the roles have been established, it is time to go directly to a pre-planned final cause. On December 11, NBC broadcast, on air, three American women accusing D. Trump of sexual harassment and demanded from Congress to start the investigation against the USA President. Before that, the American (and not only) society were taught to react and behave appropriately in such cases.

Thus, one can see the work of technologies used in constructing social reality in action, which are not limited to the sphere of sexuality. So that is how ‘cultural tastes’ are formed, which after that are defended and perceived as an essential part of adepts’ identity. They are ready to fight for these constructs till the end, although they didn’t know about their (cultural tastes) existence six months ago.

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