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Swiss Artist Nemo Took First Place At Eurovision 2024 With the Song “The Code”


Croatia took second place in the competition, France took fourth. Israeli singer Eden Golan is in fifth place. This is followed by Ireland, Italy, Armenia, Sweden, Portugal, Greece, Germany, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Cyprus, Latvia. Briton Olly Alexander ended up in 18th place out of 25, without receiving a single point from the audience.

The winner in the final was 24-year-old rapper Nemo (Nemo Mettler), who identifies as a non-binary person. The competition's winning song, "The Code," is a hybrid of opera and hip-hop that talks about the experience of embracing one's identity and being non-binary. Nemo is the first non-binary artist to win Eurovision.

The second place was taken by the performer Baby Lasagna (Marko Purisic) from Croatia, and Ukraine was represented at the competition by the duet of performers Alyona Alyona & Jerry Heil (Yana Shemaeva and Alena Savranenko) with the song “Teresa & Maria”.

From the professional jury, the Czech Republic and Moldova gave Ukraine the maximum 12 points. France, Poland and Estonia gave 10 points each. Finland, Latvia and Israel – eight each. Croatia scored seven points. Denmark, Austria, Portugal, Lithuania – six each. Georgia and Luxembourg – five each. Norway and Germany scored four points each, while Iceland and Sweden scored three. Switzerland, Greece, the Netherlands, and Ireland gave Ukraine two points each. Azerbaijan, Belgium, Cyprus and Serbia rated Ukraine's performance as one point.

At the same time, Portugal, Malta, Albania, Spain, Armenia, Slovenia, Italy, San Marino and the UK did not give Ukraine a single point.

As a result, the judges gave Ukraine 5th place, and the duet Alyona Alyona & Jerry Heil moved to 3rd place thanks to the votes of the audience. The audience's sympathy differed markedly from the jury's decision; according to this indicator, the top three looked like this: Croatia - 337, Israel - 323, Ukraine - 307 points.


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