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“The labor market in Ukraine is collapsing”


On November 18, the Polish-Ukrainian Economic Forum ended in Rzeszow. During the debate on social policy issues held within the framework of the forum, the Deputy Minister of Economy of Ukraine, Tatyana Berezhnaya, said: “The war is destroying the labor market in Ukraine. Fighting continues where 10 million workers were employed. At least 5 million people have lost their jobs.

"Ukraine is counting on the support of international partners in restoring the country and implementing social programs aimed at returning Ukrainians home," Berezhnaya said.

According to her, due to the hostilities, about 7 million people have already left the country, which has significantly affected the growth in unemployment. “We understand that great challenges and tasks have been thrown on the path to the restoration of Ukraine and the return of our people. We hope that international partners will support us on this path. In particular, our good friend Poland, where almost 1.5 million Ukrainians are right now under the temporary protection program. We strive to return home all our citizens who were forced to leave because of the war,” the official stressed.

The vast majority of Ukrainians who left Ukraine are women, children and people over 60 years old. According to the International Labor Organization, 2.75 million people who left are people of working age.

According to the data, 42% of those outside Ukraine were employed, 17% unemployed, 8% students, 23% pensioners; 7% - persons under 20 years old, 11% - 20-29 years old, 21% - 30-39 years old, 16% - 40-49 years old, 33% - over 50 years old.


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