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Today, on the eve of Easter and May Day (perhaps such word combination cannot be self-contradictory only in the era of post-secularism) I want to summarize the big Roman conference organized by our Institute and suggest splitting the summary into two parts: formal and substantive.

So as for the formal side. It is possible to say that this event was not accidental or occasional – it is the result of more than one year work. During this time the Institute repeatedly took part and/or co-organized similar events in Italy (Rome, Verona), where it presented its scientific developments. It should be noted that these studies always aroused great interest among the European public, and the best proof of that was the final speech by Deborah Bergamini, the deputy of the PACE, at this Roman Forum. She dedicated a significant part of her report to the analysis of the concept, presented by prof. Bilokobylskyi, the head of the Kyiv branch of the Ukrainian Institute of Strategies of Global Development and Adaptation. Her summary lay in the fact that we just don’t have the possibility to ignore such challenges of today’s world, and a better understanding of globalization problems lets us search for adequate responses to these challenges.

In this regard, our Institute is going to continue working on these issues and to deepen and broaden its relations with the Italian civic and scientific community. And within this strategy, we are now working on the signing of the Memorandum on cooperation with Link Campus University (Rome) for the European community to have the possibility to be permanently informed about current investigations of the Ukrainian Institute of Strategies of Global Development and Adaptation.

I’d like to dedicate a substantive part to the main thesis, which sounded in my report at the given conference. There are a lot of speculations, insinuations, provocations concerning fulfillment, non-fulfillment, breach, prohibition, implementation, priority, etc. of the Minsk agreements today. But its is necessary to understand that while all these conversations are held other processes occur simultaneously: people continue to die people, the millions of Ukrainian citizens are deprived of their constitutional rights, Ukraine's economy is stagnating, the territory of ORDLO is becoming more and more estranged from Ukraine (even a separate identity begins to form), and on the contact line a whole infrastructure has been created, which earns a lot of money on the abuses, smuggling and corruption. Accordingly, these structures are fundamentally interested in freezing the conflict and the continued existence of this order, because it is a stable and very significant “business”.

Thus, today we have to admit that any delay in the implementation of Minsk II destroys our state from the inside – a cancerous tumor, about which Joe Biden said so eloquently in the Ukrainian parliament, becomes larger than the organism itself, and that naturally leads to a situation incompatible with life.

And one more point, which is crucial, but we do not particularly like to focus on it. All the talks about whether it is necessary to fulfill the Minsk agreements not only create a huge field for corruption and crimes, they are also fundamentally self-contradictory. As of today, the only internationally recognized strategy (supported by the Normandy Four and the UN Security Council Resolution) to resolve the situation in the Donbas is the text of the Minsk agreements. Therefore, let’s either formally renounce their fulfillment and withdraw from the negotiation process, but then offer an alternative strategy (as we want peace and unity of our country), which will be also recognized by the international community; or if there is no such strategy – let’s implement the one that was adopted by us earlier.

Only the key word here is to implement – we do not have much time and resources to continue doing nothing.

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