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Protests Against the Reforms of Argentine President Javier Milei Escalate Into Clashes


Demonstrators, claiming that millions of Argentines would suffer from the reforms, threw Molotov cocktails and stones at police, and also set two cars on fire. Several protesters were injured. At least nine police officers were also injured, Argentina's Security Ministry told AFP. 10 people were arrested.

The package of reforms proposed by Javier Milei to revive the Argentine economy includes declaring an economic emergency, cutting pensions and infringing on labor rights. These measures are opposed by left-wing parties, trade unions and public organizations that organized the demonstration.

Milei's press service said the protesters were trying to carry out a coup and disrupt Congress, and that security forces had taken "actions to suppress terrorist groups."

The initial package of reforms, consisting of more than 600 articles, was sent to parliament at the end of last year. Under pressure from the opposition, it was withdrawn and reintroduced with significant changes (238 articles remained in it). The Chamber of Deputies of Congress approved the new project in April. It was discussed by the Senate on Wednesday. Speaking in the upper house, opposition lawmakers said the reform package would set the country back decades. “We cannot believe that a law is being discussed in Argentina that will set us back 100 years,” said 55-year-old lawyer Fabio Nunez, one of the protesters.

As a result, late in the evening the Senate generally approved the draft reforms; discussions will continue on Thursday. Once approved by the Senate, the document must return to the lower house for final approval.


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