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Ukraine and world news

20-11-2017 - 26-11-2017

23.11. According to the IMF, the United States ranks first in GDP ($ 19.4 trillion), followed by China (11.9 trillion), Japan (4.9 trillion) and Germany (3.7 trillion). The economy of France was estimated at 2.575 trillion dollars, and the UK's GDP - 2.565 trillion.
23.11. As leaders from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine head for Brussels, the first point the EU wants to make is that the Eastern Partnership does not lead to EU membership; the second is that it is not intended to provoke Russia.
23.11. European Union leaders gathering in Brussels for the biennial “Eastern Partnership” summit are worried Kiev has lost interest in the reforms.
22.11. The majority of Ukrainians (60%) support the introduction of the UN peacekeeping contingent into the territory of the occupied territories in the east of Ukraine, according to a survey of SOCIS, KIIS, Rating and Razumkov Center.
22.11. Ambassadors of the EU member states agreed on actions to limit carbon dioxide emissions. Only Poland and Hungary abstained, Croatia voted against.
21.11. Chinese President Xi Jinping said Tuesday that non-governmental organizations (NGOs) along the Silk Road should contribute to enhancing mutual understanding and friendship between people of different countries, promoting common development, and building a community of shared future for mankind.
21.11. November 21 is the fourth anniversary of the beginning of the Revolution of Dignity and the thirteenth anniversary of the Orange Revolution.
20.11. The headquarters of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) will be moved to Amsterdam after Brexit, EU affairs ministers announced on Monday (20 November). The European Banking Authority, also currently in London, will move to Paris.
20.11. The topic of deployment of the OSCE police mission in Ukraine is not discussed now, the organization's general secretary, Thomas Greminger, said.
20.11. Ukrainians filed with the European Court of Human Rights 6950 complaints, it are the 5th result in the world.