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Ukraine and world news

23-03-2020 - 29-03-2020

27.03. Since March 28, the passage of citizens and vehicles through the demarcation line in the Donbass will be stopped. Permission to enter / exit will be granted to citizens and vehicles that provide logistic support for the region.
27.03. In the ranking of economic freedom, Ukraine climbed 13 points, taking 134 out of a possible 180, a study by the Heritage Foundation.
27.03. The EU expects an immediate and comprehensive investigation into allegations of arbitrary detention, torture and ill-treatment of detainees during the armed conflict in eastern Ukraine. This is stated in a statement by the European Foreign Service (EEAS).
26.03. An emergency was declared throughout Ukraine for 30 days by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on March 25, 2020.
26.03. The United Nations will allocate two billion dollars to help fight coronavirus in the poorest countries. Of these, $ 33 million will be donated by the UN to assistance to health care facilities, the elderly and the disabled, to provide essential goods and distance school education in eastern Ukraine.
26.03. The Israeli government has ordered the closure of all synagogues, mosques and churches amid a coronavirus outbreak. Citizens were allowed to pray only on the street with the participation of no more than 10 people at least two meters apart.
25.03. The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights calls for easing the sanctions regime against Iran, Cuba, North Korea and other countries. Sanctions have a devastating effect on a country's health systems and hinder the fight against COVID-19 coronavirus.
25.03. WHO: The United States may become the epicenter of COVID-19 coronavirus in the world.
25.03. The EU Council on Foreign Affairs has decided to open negotiations on membership of Albania and Northern Macedonia in the European Union.
25.03. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said Tokyo has agreed with the IOC to postpone the 2020 Olympic Games for one year due to the coronavirus pandemic.
24.03. The UN Secretary General called on the parties to all conflicts on the planet to end hostilities and allow people to cope with the coronavirus pandemic.
24.03. The coronavirus pandemic has caused some Ukrainians to buy not only products and masks, but also rifles, ammunition.
24.03. A dozen countries in the Middle East and Central Asia have asked the International Monetary Fund for financial support in dealing with the coronavirus.
24.03. President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky called on church leaders of all faiths to conduct church services online and without the presence of people in churches, so as not to contribute to the spread of coronavirus.
23.03. Minister of Health of Ukraine Ilya Yemets supports the introduction of a state of emergency in Ukraine.
23.03. The United States has successfully tested the prototype of a hypersonic rocket. Trials transform combat capabilities.
23.03. The rich are primarily to blame for the global climate crisis, a study by the University of Leeds of 86 countries claims. The wealthiest tenth of people consume about 20 times more energy overall than the bottom ten, wherever they live.