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Ukraine and world news

18-02-2019 - 24-02-2019

20.02. The law on amendments to the Constitution on Ukraine's membership in the EU and NATO was published in the parliamentary newspaper "Holos Ukrainy". The law will take effect on February 21.
20.02. British attitudes on national identity and religious minorities (reasons people in the United Kingdom voted in 2016 to leave the European Union) not unique in EU - according to a recent Pew Research Center study.
20.02. The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved a plan for 2019 to implement the Poverty Reduction Strategy, which, among other things, provides for the launch of a state register of vacancies with free online access.
19.02. Since 2020, trade on Sundays will be completely banned in Poland.
19.02. The head of the European Council Donald Tusk spoke in the parliament of Ukraine and ... noted that Ukrainians do not need to learn to be Europeans.
18.02. Apostolic Nuncio to Ukraine Archbishop Claudio Gugerotti have visited in occupied Donetsk.
18.02. The summit of the Visegrad Four was canceled after Poland refused to participate.
18.02. EU ministers have defined the "Azov package" of Ukraine's support.
18.02. An assessment mission of the European Commission will arrive in Ukraine in the spring, which will evaluate Ukrainian legislation in the field of digital and telecommunication services.