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Ukraine and world news

21-09-2020 - 27-09-2020

24.09. The European Commission has for the first time proposed EU legislation on cryptocurrencies - the digital expression of values or rights that can be stored and sold electronically.
24.09. The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in massive losses in labor income around the world. North and South America suffered the most. There, the labor income of the population decreased by 12.1 percent. In Europe and Central Asia, the figure was 10.6 percent - a study by the International Labor Organization (ILO).
24.09. The Palestinian Movement Fatah and the Islamist organization Hamas have reached an agreement to hold general elections in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Elections are due within the next six months.
23.09. The European Union is ready to provide Ukraine with 1.2 billion euros for the recovery of the Ukrainian economy, provided it cooperates constructively with the International Monetary Fund and meets the requirements of the rule of law, said EU Foreign Minister Josep Borrell.
23.09. The Nansen Prize, awarded by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, has been awarded to Ukrainian activist Tatiana Barantsova, who supports internally displaced persons, especially children with disabilities, affected by the conflict in eastern Ukraine.
23.09. The President of the European Council Charles Michel has postponed the EU summit scheduled for September 24-25 to October 1-2 due to suspicions of possible infection with a new type of coronavirus.
22.09. The Ukrainian government turned to the head of the International Monetary Fund Kristalina Georgieva with a proposal to start the mission in Ukraine online.
22.09. According to the final results of the referendum, the reduction in the number of members of the Italian parliament was supported by almost 70% of citizens who took part in the vote. In a referendum, Italians were asked to approve the reduction of the Chamber of Deputies from 630 to 400 deputies, and the Senate - from 315 to 200 senators.
22.09. The richest one-percent of the world's population are responsible for the emission of more than twice as much carbon dioxide as the poorest half, from 1990 to 2015, according to a research published by the NGO Oxfam on Monday. During that period, annual emissions grew by 60 percent.
21.09. The foreign ministers of the EU countries have gathered in Brussels to discuss the situation in Belarus, Libya, the Eastern Mediterranean, as well as relations with the African Union.
21.09. Development in the world depends on five global megatrends: climate change and environmental degradation, demographic change, urbanization, digital revolution and inequality - the conclusion of the report of the "UN network of economists" prepared for the 75th anniversary of the UN.
21.09. EU foreign ministers have been unable to reach a final decision on sanctions against Belarusian officials. This issue will now be considered by EU heads of state and government.