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Beijing and Budapest will take Sino-Hungarian relations to a new level, and China “will not sit idly by” on the Ukrainian issue


On July 17, 2022, Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi held a telephone conversation with Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjártó.

Szijjártó stressed the importance of the existing partnership between Hungary and China, and assured the Chinese side that Hungary would continue to be committed to developing cooperation between the EU and China based on mutual respect, fairness and mutual benefit. The head of the Hungarian Foreign Ministry outlined the current situation in Europe and Hungary, pointing out the economic and financial problems that Hungary is facing in connection with the crisis around Ukraine. He said that Hungary is pleased with the achievements of the Hungarian-Chinese cooperation in various fields, especially the progress of economic and trade-investment cooperation, and expressed the hope that the Hungarian-Chinese partnership will reach a new comprehensive strategic level in the near future.

Wang Yi said that China cherishes the trust and friendship established with Hungary, appreciates Hungary's consistent upholding of justice in matters related to China, understands China's legitimate proposals, supports China in protecting its legitimate rights and interests, and is ready to work with Hungary to develop China- Hungarian relations. Wang Yi expressed his hope that Hungary will continue to uphold an objective and fair position and push the EU to adopt a positive and pragmatic policy towards China.

Wang Yi also said that the Ukrainian crisis had a serious impact not only on Europe, but on the whole world. In particular, at the recent meeting of the G20 Foreign Ministers, all participants expressed deep concern about this, and China put forward proposals to address the issue of food and energy security in the world. China is not a party to the Ukrainian crisis, but will not sit idly by, let alone add fuel to the fire. The lessons of the Ukrainian crisis are profound and deserve serious study by all parties. In the long term, all parties must discuss the creation of a balanced, efficient and sustainable European security architecture to achieve lasting peace and security.


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