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Coronavirus pandemic will forever change world order


In his new article, Henry Kissinger points out the critical importance of a pandemic to the political structure of modern states, many of which were not ready for this challenge. Moreover, the test of COVID-19 was not passed not only by the third world countries. Therefore, now it is necessary not to argue about political priorities, but to come together against the threat.
In the end, it is the ability of the state to protect its citizens as much as possible and will become the criterion on the basis of which the electorate will make its political choice in the future. This also applies to the States, whose leadership has done significant work and averted a catastrophe, but not the pandemic itself with thousands of victims.
If political decisions are worth making now, they should concern the organization of the post-coronavirus order of life. Democratic states should continue to adhere to the values ​​of the Enlightenment, but pay more attention to justice, which, as has become clear recently, has fallen into the shadow of national security and economic well-being.
However, today the global issue of combating COVID-19 is on the agenda, and all other disputes should be postponed.


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