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New language norms from RNBO, Erdogan Sends G7 Ambassadors: Top 5 Events of the Week


1. A regular EU summit was held in Brussels on October 21 and 22. The leaders of the Union states adopted new sanctions against Belarus and said goodbye to Merkel, who is leaving the post of German Chancellor. Among the pressing issues that have not received a final solution are the provision of cheap gas to Europe and legal differences with Poland.

2. US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin on Tuesday, October 19, paid a one-day working visit to Ukraine. The main topics of the visit of the head of the Pentagon were the promotion of the implementation of the defense partnership and the achievement of Ukraine's criteria for joining NATO.

3. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan instructed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to declare persona non grata ambassadors of ten countries (USA, Canada, France, Finland, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway and Sweden), which had previously spoken out in support of Turkish activist Osman Kavala ...

4. In Russia, the period from October 30 to November 7 announced a lockdown, which may be extended by the decision of the regional authorities. On November 22, the country recorded the highest numbers of infections and deaths since the beginning of the pandemic - 37,141 and 1,064, respectively.

5. On Wednesday, October 21, a “glossary of terms” was published on the RNBO website, which is recommended for use in Ukraine. In particular, it is not recommended to use the terms "Kiev government", "Ukrainian-Russian conflict", "Crimean bridge", "self-proclaimed republics", "Donbass", "Baltic", "Great Patriotic War".


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