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Levytskyy Victor

Levytskyy Victor
Director of the Ukrainian institute of strategies of global development and adaptation

Victor S. Levytskyy – philosopher, religious studies scholar, Candidate of philosophical sciences, Honored Economist of Ukraine.

In 2005 he graduated from the Department of Philosophy and Religion Studies of the State Institute of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence (Donetsk), having received a master’s degree of Religion Studies.

In 2009 he defended his thesis and gained a Candidate philosophical sciences degree in 09.00.03 – social philosophy and philosophy of history on the subject “Identity of modernism: social dimension and Christian origins.”

From 2010 to 2014 he worked in public service.

Author of more than 20 scientific publications.

Area of expertise: metaphysics, philosophy of culture, social philosophy, philosophy of history.

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