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The concept of "social reality" as a marker of the constructivist turn in philosophy


Victor Levytskyy

Published in the journal "Questions of Philosophy" No. 9, 2020 

Victor S. Levytskyy


Ukrainian Institute of Strategies of Global Development and Adaptation



Abstract. The article discusses the fundamental transformation of culture that occurred in the first half of the twentieth century and is associated with a rethinking of the nature and structure of reality. As a result, the concept of “social reality” is introduced into philosophical discourse to donate the area, which is accessible to the man. These cultural changes reflect changes in the worldview of a Western person, which are suggested to be called a "constructivist turn." 

It is shown that the content and scope of the central ontological categories of the main philosophical directions of the twentieth century coincide with the content and scope of the “social reality” of phenomenological sociology in their ontological part.

It is proved that the new method of theming ontological knowledge and the underlying intentions of interaction with the world and adaptation in it imply not only the radicalization of the enlightenment-transforming position (ideology), but also give rise to the ideology of artificial restructuring of reality for given purposes.  Reality depends on the social conditions of its production.  Such an understanding opens wide opportunities for constructivist practices of dealing with reality, which should be recognized as determining ones for the present.

Key words: Reality, social reality, constructivist turn, realism, constructivism, social practices