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Chuguev disaster, the second wave of the pandemic: Top 5 events of the week


1. AH-26 military plane crashed near the city of Chuguev in the Kharkiv region. The plane crash killed 26 people. Of the 27 officers and cadets of the Air Force University named after I. Kozhedub, one survived, 25 died on the spot and one from burns incompatible with life in the hospital.

2. Against the background of the beginning of the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic, quarantine measures are being tightened in a number of countries. In France, on September 24, a record daily increase in coronavirus infections was recorded - 16,096 people.

3. On September 23 in Minsk the inauguration of the President of Belarus took place, which was not publicly announced in advance. There were no ambassadors at the ceremony, including the Russian ambassador. Several hundred supporters of Alexander Lukashenko, who had been declared the winner of the presidential election by the CEC, were present.

4. US President Donald Trump refused to promise to peacefully transfer power in case of defeat in the November presidential elections.

5. Europe's chief diplomat Josep Borrell, after a meeting with President Zelensky, made a resonant statement, saying that "Europe is not an ATM or a charitable organization," but the best way to support Ukraine is "to help reform the country." These words appeared on the website of the EU Foreign Ministry.


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