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Khalikov Ruslan

Khalikov Ruslan
Academic secretary of the Ukrainian institute of strategies of global development and adaptation

Khalikov Ruslan – religious studies scholar, Candidate of philosophical sciences.

In 2014 he defended his thesis at the National Pedagogical University named after Dragomanov (Kyiv) on “Forms and consequences of rationalization of religious traditions”.

The president of the Board of the Youth Association of religious studies scholars, member of the Association of esotericism and mysticism, member of Donetsk branch of the Ukrainian Association of religious studies scholars, member of the Ukrainian Center for Research of Islam.

Area of expertise: contemporary religious processes, secularization and counter-secularization, church-state relations, Abrahamic religions, phenomenology of religion, traditionalism, Western esotericism.

Spoil tip (terrikon) Metaphysics

A spoil tip (terrikon) is not just a Donetsk image, but also a Donetsk spirit, it is composed of our values, it is complex, like our values
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Faith and Virus

The coronavirus epidemic through the prism of religion
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Ukraine and Russia - what is religious statistics talking about?

The Important markers of Religious Life
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Towards the Islamic global project

Publication in the journal "Russia in Global Politics"
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Religious identity of the informal transborder subjects

Religious identity as an important factor in the erosion of the classical borders and the emergence of new cross-border business
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Islamic project of development the world: origins, global mobilization, war in Syria. Part 1 (short version)

At the intersection of anticolonialism, Islamic modernism, Web 2.0, guided rockets - current events are take place in the Middle East, in the heart of the Islamic world
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Hybrid Borders in the XXI Century

Borders of nation states, recognized by international law, gradually cease to meet the agenda. Such new actors of international relations, as supranational globalization projects, virtual communities that focus on religiously motivated ideology, waves of migrants, etc. do not consider these borders in their actions
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How Buddhism Left the Donbas

Until 2014, the Donetsk region was the most Buddhistic in Ukraine in amount of the communities of different movements. But nowadays the situation has changed dramatically due to the fact that the “DNR” and “LNR” took some Donbas territories under control
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The situation in the Middle East, developed around the IS, is one of the most relevant conflicts in the world today, and it has few very interesting features
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