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Georgia Meloni Сould Become the New Angela Merkel of Today's EU


According to P. Messa

The Italian prime minister is the only leader among major EU countries to celebrate a clear victory after the June 6-9 elections. Unlike Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, her support not only did not decline, but also increased significantly.

Meloni will play a key role in Brussels in the future, as she plays three leading roles: head of the Italian government, leader of the national Brothers of Italy party and a prominent figure in the ECR group in the European Parliament. Its participation in the new European parliamentary majority is important. It could help rebalance some of the economic policies that failed during the last European Commission session, particularly in energy but also in industry more broadly. It could also help strengthen European support for Ukraine and counter Russian and Chinese influence on the continent.

It is worth noting that Italian voters did not reward parties that advocated anti-NATO statements. Matteo Salvini's League was unsuccessful, and the Five Star Movement lost a third of its electorate. Conversely, the success of Forza Italia, the pro-European and pro-Western party led by Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani, is further good news for von der Leyen and her winning centrist strategy.


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