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Dodonov Roman O. – philosopher. Doctor of Philosophy, Professor.

Dodonov Roman
Head of the Department of intra-civilizational conflicts of the Kyiv branch of the Ukrainian institute of strategies of global development and adaptation

Dodonov Roman O. – philosopher. Doctor of Philosophy, Professor.

In 1995 he defended his thesis in the Zaporozhe State University on the topic “Humanization of ethnic relations as factor of development of freedom”.

In 1999 he defended his doctoral thesis at the Institute of Philosophy named after G.S. Skovoroda of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine on “Social-philosophical analysis of the process of formation and functioning of ethnic mentality”.

Since 2014 he heads the Department of Philosophy of the Donetsk National University (Vinnitsa).

Author of more than 250 publications of scientific, educational and methodological nature.

Area of expertise: philosophy of history, social philosophy, history of sociology.