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Director of UISGDA announced the launch of a new project


Director of UISGDA Victor Levytskyy announced the completion of development of information verification service using crowdsourcing, which was implemented by UISGDA specialists and team of developers Verily (England).

“We are launching a new project, which is going to start its work today – Levytskyy mentioned. – Service includes a web application and an extension for browsing, with a help of which verification requests concerning text, photo- or video information, which are publicly available, are posted. For example, user adds an image and asks a question: Was this photograph taken in stated place? Other project participants reply by adding proofs: photos from another angle, links to Google Street View etc.

The main goal of the project is to accumulate the collective knowledge, to create an information flow with an evidence base. Service will allow to do researches of speed and quality of information on a certain territory. In particular, to check the effectiveness of information campaign, to know the opinion of foreign public on events in Ukraine… In addition to this, during natural calamities, disasters, armed conflicts there will be an opportunity to assess the degree of infrastructure or a housing stock destruction in order to determine priorities for rescuers and to increase the effectiveness of humanitarian aid distribution.”

Instructions for using the service and link for downloading applications are available on our website, in the project "Verification of information."

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