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Top Ten Risks of 2021 from Atlantic Council Experts


2020 is called the "The year of hell" for a reason. The predicted pandemic was, however, completely unexpected. Its consequences have been compounded by economic losses, political divisions and tribalism. International institutions continued to disintegrate: the United States withdrew from the World Health Organization in the midst of the covid epidemic and pursued destructive policies in other multilateral organizations. It's tempting to say that 2021 will be a better year anyway. However, the world will face new shocks, and there will be no shortage of risks. So, the main risks of 2021 according to the Atlantic Council experts will be the following:

1. The COVID-19 crisis is compounded by the slow introduction of the vaccine
2. Joe Biden's ability to govern will be limited, especially if the Republicans retain their leadership in the Senate.
3. Another debt-driven global financial crisis will break out. Total debt has already increased by $ 15 trillion in 2020 and is expected to reach 365 percent of global GDP by the end of the year.
4. The economies of developed Western countries will recover more slowly than expected
5. The crisis over North Korea's nuclear program will intensify.
6. The confrontation between the USA and Iran will worsen.
7. The United States and China may clash, up to a military confrontation, around Taiwan.
8. The world will be gripped by the worst food crisis in 50 years.
9. The global middle class is starting to shrink.
10. Turkey is turning into an authoritarian state, whose policies threaten world stability.

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