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BBC: Leaks Show US Was Spying on UN Chief


According to P. Adams

Files that have leaked online suggest that Washington is keeping a close eye on António Guterres. Several documents describe private correspondence between Mr. Guterres and his deputy. This is a fresh portion of the leak of classified documents, about which a special investigation is underway in the United States.

The documents contain Mr. Guterres' candor about the war in Ukraine and about a number of African leaders. One leaked document focuses on a grain deal brokered by the UN and Turkey in July over fears of a global food crisis. The documents show that Mr. Guterres was so eager to keep the deal that he was ready to meet Russian interests. “Guterres emphasized his efforts to improve Russia’s export capabilities,” the document says, “even if this involves Russian entities or individuals under sanctions.”

His actions in February were assessed as "undermining broader efforts to hold Moscow accountable for its actions in Ukraine." Officials were outraged by the suggestion that the world's top diplomat was being soft on Moscow.

Declaring that he would not comment on the leaked documents, one senior official said the UN was "driven by the need to soften the impact of war on the world's poorest people." “That means doing everything we can to bring down food prices,” he added, “and ensure that fertilizer is available to the countries that need it most.”

Russia has frequently complained that international sanctions are hurting its own grain and fertilizer exports and has threatened at least twice to suspend cooperation on a grain deal if its concerns are not addressed. Russian grain and fertilizers are not subject to international sanctions, but Russia says it is having difficulty securing delivery and insurance.

UN officials are clearly unhappy with the American interpretation of Mr. Guterres' efforts. And they say Mr. Guterres has made his opposition to the Russian war very clear.


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